Walk a mile in my shoes

Aim(s) of the tool: Understanding, Tolerance, Integration, Exchanging cultural knowledge, developing communication and finding creative ways to express
This project takes place in a European Country.

Timetable: Friday noon until Monday morning.
First day: Taking the group to a Training Centre in natural surroundings. Starting with Energizing and Icebreaking games, Teambuilding activities, fire making together at night with exchange of cultural aspects, sleep in the provided area.

Second day: Main expedition
Morning programme: creative reflection by painting on the first day.
More advanced teambuilding experiences. Lunch at the centre. Splitting in two groups ->
Migrant group: Taking resources from the centre to build a shelter in a provided area in the woods, make a campfire there and prepare food while having the task of switching gender roles.

Duration: 4-5 hours, walking distance: 5 km

Local group: Task to take only 3 necessary things with them. Going with the role of a “smuggler” and another person not intervening. Hiking through a challenging area including a river (boat ride), hills and a provided barrier which they have to overcome. At a certain place they are abandoned and have to find the way to the shelter with signs on their own.

Duration: 4-5 hours, walking distance: 15-20 km
Group reunion at the shelter. Migrant group welcomes locals with prepared food and shelter and sleep in the shelter together.

Next morning: After breakfast reflection group activities, packing and transporting materials back the short way to the training centre, Met reflection after food, free time together, stay the night at the centre, next morning departure.