Výchova k tolerancii hrou

PDCS is a non-governmental organization providing professional training and facilitation services, consultancy and advisory services in areas of conflict resolution, support of dialogue in the society, citizen participation and civil society development in Slovakia and abroad.
The publication consists of several sections. The introduction explains why to put emphasis on intercultural aspects of education, awareness and prejudices and stereotypical thinking, racism, discrimination, promote social justice and religious tolerance. There are instructional ideas for teachers – how to use the activities, what to adhere to and what to avoid. Teachers should pay close attention to how to deal with game by interpreting and guided discussion, which should follow after every activity.
The second part of the book is devoted to the activities themself – games, exercises and questionnaires intended for pupils and students in primary and secondary schools. They can be applied during school hours, but also in school education and in non-formal contexts.
At the end of publication the explanations of frequently used terms are explained as well as recommended literature. Readers who wish to broaden their range of approaches and methodologies, will find inspiration and link to other resources.