Valuing Diversity: Exploring Faith and Culture

This booklet is designed as a tool for people working in statutory and voluntary youth groups, interfaith forums and regional agencies to support them in setting up and running activities with young people on issues of diversity. It stems from a small project entitled “Valuing Diversity, Exploring Faith and Culture” that worked with young people aged 13-25 in North East England.

This booklet is a response to what the project facilitators found to be a shortage of practical diversity resources available for use by community based youth groups in North East England. This short booklet is not intended as a comprehensive resource pack. Rather, the aim is to provide an incentive and aid for all workers with young people wishing to tackle the complex issue of diversity in their work using activities drawn directly from tried-and-tested material. Throughout the booklet suggestions are made about how to manage common challenges and reactions by young people to this type of group work.

This resources includes, discussion points, activity plans, practical advice and links to further websites for resources and research in this area.