Tandem now- curriculum and mentoring package

The TANDEM NOW project developed a “blended mentoring” (face-to-face and online mentoring) methodology for young people from ethnic minorities or migrant backgrounds who were paired with role model from their own community. In many European countries migrant youths or young people from ethnic minorities do not have any role models in future-oriented fields throughout their job careers, neither within their families nor in their social contexts. If at all, they tend to take up traditional job trainings and jobs, as they and their families do not consider other options for various reasons. Therefore it is considered crucial to offer youngsters mentors from their own ethnic communities who accompany them on their way to a successful VET and job career.
Mentoring works as a strategy for helping people, particularly disadvantaged groups, such as unemployed, young people and/or immigrants to improve their professional opportunities and succeed in life. It is an instrument to provide those persons with the confidence, the resources, and the skills needed to live up to their potentials.
In the “Blended Mentoring Package” the mentoring method is described in detail; it contains also further materials, such as the reflective diary for mentors and mentees. The Curriculum is a toolbox that can be used to prepare future mentors for their role. Topics are “Mentoring”, “Social media” and “Intercultural Sensitivity”.