Share Your Colors Toolkit

The Share Your Colors toolkit on social media, multimedia &
campaigning for raising awareness in the LGBTQIA+ context is an educational tool.
The toolkit is addressed to youth, youth workers, activists and to all persons who are eager to explore new ways and actions for visibility and raising awareness.
It is based on the experience, learning and knowledge of its creators, who are the participants of Share Your Colors Exchange Project, which took place in Ommen, The Netherlands from 5th-14th of July 2016, organized by Olde Vechte Foundation.

Inside the toolkit you can find:

  • Basic Definitions of the LGBTQIA+ umbrella terms
  • Colorful Surprises
  • Info & Tips & tricks on:
    1. Campaigns : how to make a campaign, what makes a campaign successful, best practices of campaigns, the original campaigns of participants of the exchange
    2. Photography & Video in campaigns
    3. Social Media & campaigns
    4. Design & campaigns