Seeplive. Komiksom ku demokracii

Instructional guide consists of the preamble, in which the author explains how the idea to create a comics book arouse, what was the creation process, comments of participating authors and their goals. The comics was created in collaboration with a number of experts of various professions and spheres.
At the beginning of the comics book, the reader will get acquainted with the eight main characters / roles of the story whom he then can to identify with.
The instructional guide also offers the main ideas of the story, summarizes them, e.g.: “Do not believe everything the media say, compare information from multiple sources.”
In other parts it helps the youth worker to be prepared for work with themes offered to search for and to be found. The comics should not be just some simple guide on how to live, but it opens the way to youngsters´ own questions and thinking. Even it is challenging them to create their own comics.
As example, the comics motivates young people better to know the Arab culture, but the authors point to the fact that through this methodology, we can shape the attitudes and values of young people to various other cultures.