RIDE Toolbox: practice resources for youth workers ready for download!

What are the best strategies to promote InclusionDiversity and Equality in youth work?

How to develop awareness of these issues across youth workers, educators and students?

Which tools can be useful for the youth workers’ continuous learning about the principles of Inclusion, Diversity and Equality?

The answers to these questions can be found in the comprehensive RIDE Toolbox which contains a collection of practice resources for youth workers, educators, trainers and everyone who is interested in the principles of Inclusion, Diversity and Equality. All the resources are now available for free download on RIDE website in EnglishItalianCroatianTurkish and Slovak language.

RIDE Toolbox

The RIDE Toolbox is made up of four components.

Firstly, the Principles and Approaches Report provides theoretical background for inclusive, diverse and equality-based youth work practice and overview of legislative framework in partner countries.

Secondly, the Good Practice Directory gives 15 good examples of inclusive youth work with different groups of young people such as youth with disabilities or behavioural problems, youth from Roma and other ethnic minorities, young migrants and more.

The third component of the Toolbox is the RIDE Practice Resource which provides youth workers with set of ten new session plans dealing with topics less treated in existing resources including also challenging and hot issues. Each session plan contains topic introduction, relevant statistics and data overview and set of non-formal activities such as roleplaying, games and discussions and finally evaluation methods. Moreover, the RIDE website incorporates a set of existing practice resourcesorganised by target group, topic, age range and language.

Finallythe Education and Training Resource which is composed of two types of training contents:  University Module and Training Course for youth work practitioners.

The RIDE University module intends to help university lecturers develop a course of teaching around topics linked with Inclusion, Diversity and Equality.  It contains 12 weeks of suggested content with suitable ways into the topic, suggested literature and ways to help students apply their learning to both a specific country context and a youth work setting.

The Training Course is focused on youth work practitioners’ better understanding of inclusive youth work, exploring equality and diversity. Original activities intend to enable trainees to reflect on their own perceptions and to explore individual attitudes, values and beliefs in a safe and fair environment. The Course also promotes a positive culture where all individuals are respected and value each other.

Final meeting in Turkey

On 25th– 26th October, RIDE partners met in Antalya, Turkey, where they presented the final version of the Toolbox and shared their experience from RIDE events and workshops they organised during autumn for numerous local youth organisations, policy makers, university professors, students and lifelong learners.

About RIDE project

RIDE project – Resource for Inclusion, Diversity and Equality, a two-year project co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission aims to establish a network of partners who share a common vision and understanding of quality youth work practice and providing youth workers with a comprehensive Toolbox of practice resources implementing principles of inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities.

The partnership holds together 5 organisations:

For more information about the project and Toolbox see RIDE website.

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