Methodological guide addresses issues concerning the education of persons with autism. It describes the problems of autism, its definition and basic triad of the disability. Through the concrete examples it describes the development of skills and abilities of some clients: communication skills, daily living and social skills, self-realization in leisure and work area. This guide Read more about Drahuškovo[…]

Preventívne programy v práci s mládežou

The Guide has resulted from the implementation of prevention programs on themes of violence, children’s rights, diversity, sexuality and self-understanding. Prevention programs were conducted with groups of children and young people from socially disadvantaged families in the increased incidence of drug addiction in the area with mostly segregated Roma community. It contains a description of Read more about Preventívne programy v práci s mládežou[…]

Non-formal educator – expert on resources for children from marginal Roma communities

The manual was deliberatedly created for work with children from socially disadvantaged environment, especially from segregated community settlements. Most of presented activities are realized in the conditions of whole day educational system. Activities forward group cohesion, non-cognitive personal development . The resouse also include ideas for didactic and sport games.

We are all children of this world

This publication was made for teachers but it can be used by professionals who don’t necessarily work in educational system. It consists interactive workshops that are adjusted for group work. This publication can be used as a basis for discussion about migrant crisis and differences between people from different backgrounds. Regarding that, there are topics Read more about We are all children of this world[…]

Sex and gender under magnifying glass

Manual on identities, sexuality and the process of socialisation called “Sex and Gender under Magnifying Glass” is aimed at various experts who work or want to work with adolescents on the themes such as: sexuality, growing-up, gender equality, stereotypes and prejudices, gender based violence using interactive work in the form of the workshops. Manual promotes Read more about Sex and gender under magnifying glass[…]

Puzzles – Manual for young leaders

This is a working material for youth workers. First part of this resource brings tips and suggestions for preparation of group activities. There are different topics mentioned in this resource – communication, team work, non-violent conflict resolution, identity (we are all different, but equal), discrimination, cultural differences, human rights etc. Those topics are presented through Read more about Puzzles – Manual for young leaders[…]

Okvirko – manual for empowerment of youth from alternative care

This manual is a pack of different worksheets that are designed for young people who are leaving alternative care. Youth workers can use this manual to help young people while planning their independent life! With this worksheets, youth workers can discuss and tackle topics like housing, employment, finances, education, health, practical skills, social skills, personal Read more about Okvirko – manual for empowerment of youth from alternative care[…]

Let’s go together towards respect for diversity

This resource was made for youth workers. It contains useful tips for organisation of group and individual work with young people. Youth workers can find interesting information about adolescence and help to build self-esteem of young people. The main section of this practical resource is about tolerance and acceptance of diversity. Youth workers can discuss Read more about Let’s go together towards respect for diversity[…]

Human values

This resource is a manual for teachers in elementary and high school but it can be used in other forms as well. In this manual, there are workshops adjusted for group work. Topics that are tackled in this manual are: humanity and humane behaviour; understanding the needs of others, acceptance of differences; prejudice and stereotypes; Read more about Human values[…]