MOVE And LEARN Manual for Non-Formal Education Through Sport and physical activities with young people

This manual aims to provide an approach through which learning projects can be complemented with sport and physical activities and sport for all communities can be complemented with a more conscious learning for life skills dimension. The manual is written for sport trainers who work with young people and would be open to inte¬grate a stronger non-formal education approach in their 6 sport activities. It is also for youth workers and trainers who are ready to integrate sport and physical activities in their community work and educational activities.
The manual explains the approach of Education Through Sport (later referred to as ETS) in the context of both youth work and grassrootssport on the basis of non-for¬mal education, experiential learning and active partici¬pation.
The manual also provides several exercises that can be used in youth work, non-formal education as well as in sport groups.

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