October 17, 2017

Practice Resource


The RIDE Practice Resource provides youth workers with variety of practical tools, including collection of existing icebreakers, session plans, activities and 10 new session plans. Newly developed materials deal with topics less treated in existing resources including also challenging and hot issues concerning social media, hate speech, radicalisation and extremism. Other sessions are dedicated to young people living in rural areas, the reinforcement of young people’s with mental disorders self-esteem and projecting future of NEET young people whose numbers are disturbingly high in some European countries. Non-formal activities included in the session plans are also designed to raise youngsters’ awareness of economic differences, migration, unemployment or disabilities. Further attention is also paid to the encouragement of interfaith dialogue and promoting understanding of cultural diversity.

Each session plan begins with overview of the aims, target group, time scale and resources needed. Then follow the topic introduction, relevant statistics and data overview for all partner countries and set of icebreakers, non-formal activities and evaluation methods.


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