Let’s Turn Discrimination into Tolerance

Aims of the tool

Spread tolerance for various minorities (sexual, gender, religious, ethnic, etc.) among European youth.

Possible non-formal methods and activities for teaching tolerance to youth are described in the e-booklet. Cases of minority discrimination are included as well. The tool was made and tested during a youth exchange “Let’s Turn Discrimination into Tolerance” in Kaunas, Lithuania.

This E-booklet was filled by the 36 participants of Erasmus+ youth exchange “Let’s Turn Discrimination into Tolerance!”,which took part in Kaunas, Lithuania in September, 2014. The age of the participants ranged from 18-30 at the time of the project. They were coming from the following countries: Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Romania and Croatia.

The booklet was filled in the last day of the project during a specially designed activity. This allowed the participants to use all their previous experience, as well as things learned throughout the youth exchange. The setting of the activity was as following:

  • Participants were randomly divided into 6 groups with perfect gender and nationality balance;
  • They were given up to 1.5 hours for the task. It has asked each team to fill-in a pre-made form (given on the right);
  • The organisers did not interfere with the work of the participants and only collected the completed forms. Hence, thoughts and ideas reflected in this e-booklet are genuinely created by the participants of the youth exchance;
  • The forms did not use any names and also where shuffled after the collection. This was done to keep the anonymity of the authors of certain ideas.