Hej. Pozor netolerancia sa netoleruje

This is an instructional guide with 2 DVD intended for primary and secondary schools as well as for youth workers on topics from the field of intolerance. The resource is a part of the multimedia project nehejtuj.sk , which is an organic part of the project zodpovedne.sk.
The content of the DVD is selected by professionals from the audio-visual production in collaboration with various experts: journalists, teachers, the Film Institute experts, as well as organizers of the film festival One World.
There are 12 movies on DVDs that familiarize young people with various themes connected with the problem of hatefulness.
The educator will find a set of questions that can be put to young people before releasing individual videos. Usually the questions are responded without deeper reflection, short responses, as youngsters have acquired through social learning in an environment that they grew up. The issues identified after the video lead young people to different answers. This difference is to lead young people into greater consideration.

Main topics the authors divided into the following areas:

  • Ethnic intolerance,
  • Xenophobia,
  •  The Roma issue,
  • Racism,
  • Domestic violence,
  • Anti-Semitism,
  • Gender discrimination,
  • Cyberbullying,
  • Homophobia,
  • Social intolerance,
  • People without basic human rights.

The last video perfectly illustrates the example of good practice from the teachers´ experiences using this resource.
At the end of manual youth-workers will find useful chapters dedicated to the key concepts and legislation. Those two issues do not stand side by side in isolation, but the vocabulary and paragraphs are interlinked.
A very useful part of the book is that in which can be found the ways how to deal with hating, who to turn to. So young people get both the knowledge about what is related to hating, as well as they can adopt the instructions how to protect themselves effectively against intolerance and how to eliminate it in their lives and environments