May 24, 2017

The Good Practice Directory

The Good Practice Directory is a collection of fifteen examples of good practices in youth work, with an emphasis on principles of inclusion, diversity and equality (IDE). The idea was to show how IDE principles live in practice, how they are understood and how they are implemented in five different countries (United Kingdom, Turkey, Slovakia, Croatia and Italy).

There is a lot of diversity in the presented case studies: we studied both an organisation’s work and work on particular programs or projects. Likewise, we decided to write about examples that are seeking to develop approaches for inclusion of all young people and examples that are seeking to work with specific identified issues. And last, but not least, we wanted to keep our own style of writing in order to celebrate our individual approach to “storytelling” and the process of exploration.

However, all case studies have one thing in common: the focus on the practical application. We talked with youth workers, organisation leaders and young people and asked about their personal stories, learning journeys and activities. They gave a lot of useful advice for people who are directly involved in youth work. Also, we talked about different groups of young people with fewer opportunities in order to make them more visible as a population with specific needs and hopefully inspire other organisations to include them in their everyday work.

Download the Good Practice Directory here: