FETE- Guide for mentors of young migrants

The guide is a product of the project “From Expats to Experts: United Civil Society through Inclusion and Empowerment of Young Immigrants”. The aim of the project was to provide each participant with the opportunity to gain and improve work experience and soft skills, take ownership and work on small scale projects. The guide is addressed to a wider audience of mentors working with first generation immigrant youth. In this respect, “mentors” are either professionals working in organisations dedicated to professional integration or voluntaries like for instance the “ambassadors of diversity” trained during the FETE project.
This guide provides a set of tools that aims at enhancing the cooperation between a mentor, a youth worker and a company with the ultimate goal of youth empowerment. More specifically, it offers guidance throughout the entirety of the FETE style internship process from recruitment of the intern to the running of the training programme. It can be tailored towards specific initiatives at the national, regional or local level of its users.
The guide follows the phases of the internship programme – preparation, implementation and evaluation. All parts of the guide include a number of practical tips, including a collection of challenges and tips how to respond to these common challenges. The annexes provide various templates, e.g for the Internship agreement and for the final evaluation of the internship.