Feel it!

The manual is the product of the project Feel it!. The Feel it! project intended intended to promote the integration of third country nationals in the Member States of the EU through different actions. The Feel it! curriculum serves as a guideline towards the path of diversity and will provide information as well as teaching and learning materials for teachers, tutors and educators. The materials can also be used as inspiration for youth workers. The curriculum aims to realize a “Path of diversity”, an exhibition with different stations (for ex. a smelling, touching or tasting station, a story-telling station, or a multimedia station), to provide people with the opportunity to physically feel diversity through the sensuous and interactive experiencing of cultural specifics. Feel It wants to adress the senses in order to go beyond common looking.
The Feel it! curriculum is divided into three sections:

  • Theoretical section with definitions of diversity
  • Practical section – Didactic Guide
  • Feedback on the path of diversity in partner countries – sharing experiences, including photos of the exhibitions realized.

The didactic guide provides detailed process flow for various activities and is a valuable source for teachers, tutors and everybody who is involved in educational approach to migration, sociocultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. Working on these topics using innovative educational activities, group dynamics and contextualized proposals is the main aim of this didactic guide.