October 17, 2017

Education and Training Resource


The RIDE Education and Training Resource is composed of two different kinds of training contents:  University Module and Training Course for youth work practitioners.

As found out during previous research, in some European countries there isn’t any specific education or professional course to follow in order to become a youth worker. On this account, the RIDE University module contains various topics to be discussed with students and suggestions on European and country-specific literature, which can be adapted by Universities to provide future youth workers with relevant and comprehensive training on Inclusion, Diversity and Equality topics. The module may be also used to enrich other study courses such as social work, pedagogy or social science.

The Training Course made up from three interactive sessions is focused on youth workers’ better understanding of inclusive youth work, exploring Equality and Diversity. This training resource aims are to reduce racism and discrimination, and promote social inclusion and enables youth workers to explore individual attitudes, values and belief in a safe and fair environment taking it beyond legislation and country specific situations.


Download the Education and Training Resource – University Module here:


Download the Education and Training Resource – Training Course here: