Counseling Toolkit for Youth Workers

This booklet is for the use of those who make the first steps in counseling youth. You will learn about psychological disorders first diagnosed in adolescent period, the youth worker’s role in the context of other existing professions like clinical psychology, social work and psychiatry. This material does not represent a manual and will not make you a counselor. Instead, it will be a toolbox for using counseling skills in the frame of youth working.
The aim of this training was to increase the quality of counseling and vocational guidance services offered by youth workers. The main objectives of this training course where:

  • To improve the participants’ competences in the field of vocational guidance and counseling for youth.
  • To make participants aware of opportunities provided by Youth in Action concerning personal and professional development of young people.
  • To promote vocational guidance and counseling services offered by youth workers in the promoters’ communities. o To develop vocational guidance and counseling instruments and techniques for youth workers.