Výchova k tolerancii hrou

PDCS is a non-governmental organization providing professional training and facilitation services, consultancy and advisory services in areas of conflict resolution, support of dialogue in the society, citizen participation and civil society development in Slovakia and abroad. The publication consists of several sections. The introduction explains why to put emphasis on intercultural aspects of education, awareness Read more about Výchova k tolerancii hrou[…]

Metodika podporujúca inkluzívne vzdelávanie v školách

Publication brings the theoretical inputs to Inclusion issues as well as the activities aimed at creating the Community. It learns how to work with emotions, promote cooperation, friendship and communication and how to develop various social / life skills. Additionally we can find the methodology for multicultural activities or activities aimed at acceptance of others. Read more about Metodika podporujúca inkluzívne vzdelávanie v školách[…]

Prevencia v praxi 1

The publication has a highly practical nature. It consists of inspiring range of games and activities that are complemented by a proven methodological and instructional notes and recommendations for their possible modifications. The can use them in prevention programs for youth groups, not only in the prevention of socio-pathological phenomena. Belonging to the publication are Read more about Prevencia v praxi 1[…]

Výchova k prosociálnemu správaniu vo výchove mimo vyučovania

The training program is designed for educators to obtain the professional competence create and organize the leisure activities in line with the objectives of the (formal school) subject Ethics (based on prosocial education). The thematic areas are: developing autonomy, cooperation, effective communication, creativity, empathy, assertiveness, tolerance and so on. The content and specific methods of Read more about Výchova k prosociálnemu správaniu vo výchove mimo vyučovania[…]

Metodiky komunitných centier, nízkoprahových denných centier a nízkoprahových sociálnych služieb pre deti a rodinu

Publication serves as an additional helpful instrument for the purposes of National Project Support for selected social services in crisis intervention at the community level. The intent of these methodologies is more to specify certain professional activities and activities of community centres, and low-threshold social services for children and families: Needs analysis, Social counselling, Prevention Read more about Metodiky komunitných centier, nízkoprahových denných centier a nízkoprahových sociálnych služieb pre deti a rodinu[…]

Seeplive. Komiksom ku demokracii

Instructional guide consists of the preamble, in which the author explains how the idea to create a comics book arouse, what was the creation process, comments of participating authors and their goals. The comics was created in collaboration with a number of experts of various professions and spheres. At the beginning of the comics book, Read more about Seeplive. Komiksom ku demokracii[…]

Základy sociálnej práce pre s mládežou ohrozenou extrémizmom a radikalizáciou

Instructional manual describes the concept of normality, formation and prevention of socio-pathological phenomena as well as the concept of resilience. More specifically, it focuses on the theoretical definition of phenomena such as aggression and violence, extremism and hooligan behavior of youth. The core of the manual consists of recommendations for social workers with youth with Read more about Základy sociálnej práce pre s mládežou ohrozenou extrémizmom a radikalizáciou[…]

Sme medzi vami

The manual is aimed at working with people with visual impairments. It contains a description of the most common vision disorders and diseases. It describes the rules of communication when dealing with the disabled, the accompanying techniques and rules, tips for establishing and maintaining communication, overcoming obstacles (doors, stairs…), traveling in public transport, shopping and Read more about Sme medzi vami[…]